Frightening Forts: Blood-Curling Castle

Experience in Central Europe

When we talk about castles, we associate them with fairytales, romance, and the like. To witness the beauty of such palaces is no doubt part of everyone’s bucket list of tourist spots to visit. With the interesting stories of these historical places, visitors will have a jam-packed insight of what it is like to be residing in such a mansion. Every wall and every corner of the place has a story to tell of those who once lived in it, countless people, incidents, and circumstances can be linked. And for this reason, castles are also locations where paranormal activities are observed and believe it or not, people go there for that reason!

Are you ready to take your virtual tour of these otherworldly historical places? These towers may seem very grandiose on the outside but as we journey in its yesteryears, the uncovering of the darkest chronicles shall be beheld.

Spookiest Castles in Five Countries of Central Europe  

  1. Houska Castle in the Czech Republic

This castle in Czech Republic appears totally different from how we picture a castle to be. Its stone walls are as wide and tall as they could be but the longer you stare at them, the more terrified you get. The mere fact it is located in the middle of nowhere already gives off the most eerie vibe. Passing by this castle while lost during your vacation in Blatce would be daunting that even stray dogs stay away. Instead of fairy tales, this place has its own folktale about being a Gateway to Hell due to it being filled with demons and lost souls. This could have been because of Nazis taking over the place to do the tormenting of their victims.

  1. Rheinfels Castle in Germany

Medieval castles in Germany still stand tall up to this day. Not only that, it could be visited and tourists could even stay there to be able to feel what it is like to live in a luxurious mansion with historical relevance. This 13th century fort is considered as an eye-candy for paranormal experts around the world. They claim to hear wailing noises of what are assumed to be from the ghosts of its past. Not much is left of this palace after being destroyed in war with French troops in 1797; however, its catacombs are still present and preserved. Despite its eeriness, it has been made into a four-star hotel and event center.

  1. Moosham Castle in Austria

Another 13th century castle in Central Europe, best known to be the Witches Castle. Moosham received this name because of witch trials being done here in the 17th century by the archbishop. Executions of women of all ages have reached more than a thousand cases. Such brutal acts always end up with tearing these accused women into half, after being tied by the horses. It is said that the souls of these tortured still roam around the castle to seek justice to their partial and barbaric death.

  1. Tura Castle in Hungary

Tura Castle’s magnificent façade does not disappoint—as its interior is just as striking. This will leave anyone who visits the palace awestruck because of the wondrous site one would gaze at. The film and media industry have discovered the beauty of the location which makes this one of Hungary’s top filming locations. After the last descendant of this place went bankrupt, this place has remained abandoned ever since. This is used to be freely visited by tourists but in 2017, this was sold to a new company and due to renovation, it is not open to the public. Indeed, this ghost citadel still holds a mysterious story of its own. In WWII, this was both a German and Soviet headquarters.  

  1. Château de Puymartin in France

This castle, however fascinating, bears a ghost story of a lady in a white or a La Dame Blanche. Locals and visitors claim to see this wandering lady ghost running to the north tower. This lost soul is believed to be Thérèse de Saint-Clar’s—who died after being locked inside a small room inside the tower for 15 years of her life. This exact room is a landmark as it holds a true story in the past. It is said that her unfortunate was because of her own husband’s doing after he caught her having an affair.

All of these supernatural stories of such fortresses just goes to show that behind a beautiful historical location is a tale that may make us doubt its allure. Nevertheless, these places are worth to drop by for and view for ourselves the folktales of the residents in the area. In this time where we cannot easily travel and enjoy these interesting settings, enjoying a good book can still make us feel the same excitement. Monique Gliozzi’s latest book offers the same spook that these castles do. Her book entitled Vestige is a psychological thriller that will put you at the edge of your seat. This is the best way to spend this period waiting for the time we can visit these mystifying locations in Central Europe!


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