Leap of Faith: Taking on New Ventures

Every writer’s aspiration lies in their willingness to grow and step out of their comfort zone—and this is exactly what Monique Gliozzi had grasped in her new work. In her newest release, she gave us a collection of short stories entitled Diversity. She gave us pieces of her previous works and incorporated them in these full-packaged short pieces of writing. Gliozzi showed us the drama and humor side of her work after being known in the genres of mystery, thriller, and psychological fiction in her books Foresight, Hunted, and Vestige respectively. This pursuit of growing as a writer has been fundamental in her enthusiasm to try out things that would satisfy the taste of her target audience. Indeed, the title is spot on in the various plots included in this compilation that would bring the readers on an escapade of feelings and sensations.

While Gliozzi deems it important to work on her personal interest to see her hidden potentials, she tries to suit the demand of the people especially in this time of the pandemic where isolation and lack of physical connection can result in serious mental health issues. This may not be a replacement of keeping an intimate relationship with our loved ones, but to remain stimulated and to continue having a positive outlook as we progress through this new normal is just as beneficial. The characters in these stories may remind you of people in your life and yourself even—that keeps you amused while you find humor, suspense, warmth or compassion we have been deprived of in this quarantine period. In spite of exploring different literary works, Monique spares her signature way of giving life to her characters that had become her trademark for her avid readers. The spice of animation and tension that only Monique Gliozzi can pull through is present even in her romantic and comical pieces. Her flexibility as an author is depicted in these diverse creative gambles she makes in the modern writing industry scene.

Truly, the benefit in immersing oneself in a variety of art forms in these trying times go both ways. There is a mutualistic relationship that occurs between artists, authors, and creators and their audience. Gliozzi viewed these challenging times as an opportunity to become better in her craft. The distinct fervor she gives in each of her work manifests in how her readers continue to anticipate the other themes and storylines she will employ in her next literary projects. Nothing is ever better than experiencing firsthand the beauty of Gliozzi’s literature by getting a copy of her short story collection Diversity and embracing the satisfaction it shall bring to you in dealing with today’s unfortunate set of circumstances.


Two Makes It Better

Two Makes It Better

One can only imagine how exciting it is to be born with a twin—a literal partner since birth and whom you will share a birthday and possibly a room among other things, and even a face. Identical twins would have to live their lives living with someone who looks exactly as them. Identities of the two could be easily mixed up by people outside of the family—and that is something they should learn to live with. Something as petty as getting the blame of the other and being held responsible for a twin’s actions is just one of the challenges. However, it is not as burdensome as sounds to be; in fact, it is rather a bonus double of everything! Double the fun, double the treat, and double the love.

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