Mysterious Cursed Objects: Most Haunt-ifacts in the World

Paranormal experts and fanatics have coined the term “possessed possessions” to describe artifacts that have had a history of being haunted. Ever since these became a topic of discussion, the popular culture had eventually jumped on the hype and created movies and shows about these so-believed cursed objects. This is how and where all our all-time favorite horror films got their different inspirations and storylines. Although some of these plots may be works of fiction, more or less they are influenced by historical artifacts that have peculiar stories associated with them.

            These haunted items and relics range from dolls to furniture—all of them bearing their own unique and puzzling backstory that are truly cinema-worthy. While some of these that would be listed are already familiar to you, there are tons more that are yet to be discovered. Every place and culture has their own creepy object with an uncanny tale behind its existence. These things are interesting to read and learn about, but consider this a little guide for you when you start encountering bizarre happenings around you—who knows, it could be that those ghost folklore coming true!

Top FIVE Spookiest Objects in The World  

1. The Maiden’s Wedding Dress

There was once a third-born young maiden of a wealthy family in Altoona, Pennsylvania named Anna Baker. Her father was a well-known ironmaster in Altoona and he expected no less of the future husband of his daughter. Anna fell in love with a simple man who was a worker—he owned nothing unlike the Bakers, basically a nobody in the eyes of her father Elias Baker. With the political power her father had, the man was casted out of Altoona and never to be seen again. Their love story between a princess and an underling was never witnessed, which led to Anna being unwedded for the rest of her life. She died bitter and alone in the house she grew up in as her siblings all had families of their own.

Before she even met the worker, she had already dreamt of a magical wedding; very ecstatic for that day to come, she already picked up a dress she would wear. This dress was never used until it was sold to a lady who was getting married. The owner gave this to the Blair County Historical Society and was eventually displayed at a local museum that was once the Baker’s residence. The dress was placed on the second floor where it used to be Anna’s dressing room. Accounts have been shared that visitors see the dress dancing on its own as if being held out by someone in front of them as they admire it in a mirror. People believe it to be the ghost of Anna trying to reclaim what was hers to begin with. In the present, the museum is no longer displaying the wedding dress due to it being too damaged—however, it could be for other reasons that cannot be publicized.

  1. Haunted Mirror on eBay

In 2013, a controversial selling of a haunted mirror had taken over the internet. It was posted by two British men on eBay describing it as cursed. After getting all the clout, they were interviewed by a bunch of news magazines. They told the public that after obtaining the mirror from their landlord who left the mirror in front of their house, it brought nothing but bad luck to them. The duo regrets ever scavenging it when they found it in the dumpster. In the five months that the mirror was on their wall, they suffered from financial crisis and various health problems. A series of nightmares causing them to scream in pain. They woke up to a sense of impending doom, and even spotted flickering shadows reflected in it. The auction on eBay started at 155 US dollars and there was only one bidder. This was sold to the lone bidder and their name was never disclosed.

  1. The Goddess of Death Statue

Not much was disclosed about this statue but its name says it all about the story that it is associated with. The actual name of this statue is Woman from Lemb; it was only dubbed as “Goddess of Death Statue” because of all the unfortunate luck it had caused to the families that owned it. The details of how this artifact was made remains to be scarce. The only information about it is limited to it being 3,500 B.C. years old and was found in Cyprus in 1878. About three families became the owners of the relic, and all the family members of the first two families had died when they had the statue in their homes. In the first one, death occurred to all seven members in the six years they possessed it. The second owner named Ivor Menucci also died and after four years, so did the rest of his family. It took a while until the third family acquired it, several members were also claimed by death. Scared of having the same fate, the two remaining family members donated it to a museum. The artifact can still be found in the Royal Scottish Museum today.

  1. Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll was named after his owner Robert Eugene Otto. This was a gift from his grandfather which he bought in Germany in 1904. This became Gene’s favorite doll; he dressed it up with his sailor suit and started calling it Robert. Strange things happened after he had owned it for a while; while it was normal to hear a child talking to himself when playing, Gene started to sound out of his mind when he started to blame the doll for making a mess in his room. His parents of course did not believe him but were concerned about the housekeepers’ complaints of hearing little footsteps even when the family is not around. Passersby would even mention that they sometimes see Robert the doll looking at them from the window in Gene’s room.

Gene left home for college to study art, and so Robert the doll was placed in the attic while he was away. He met his wife in Paris, and soon they went to Gene’s hometown as he inherited the house after his parents’ passing. When he finally got back, he retrieved his doll and placed it back in his room. They treated the house as their own home and both of them died there. Gene died first and then two years later, his wife also passed away. Rumor has it that it was the doll that drove his wife insane; and while Gene was on his deathbed, Robert was right next to him. Now, Robert the doll can be found in Fort East Martello Museum locked up in a glass box. The doll is still known for its curse that visitors must ask for his permission first before taking a picture of him. What makes it more terrifying is that there are letters covering the walls of its glass, which are from those nonbelievers who are asking for his forgiveness and that he may remove the bad luck he had brought upon them.

  1. The Devil’s Rocking Chair

This rocking chair was believed to be possessed by the devil as it was associated with an exorcism of a child and his uncle, along with the murder of the house’s landlord done by the uncle himself. No other trace of its origin has been made but only the fact that it was obtained by the Glatzel family in 1950. The possession of the first victim, a boy named David Glatzel, of the haunted rocking chair happened in 1980. He claims to have seen “a man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features, jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns, and hooves” in his dreams. He became distant and dissociated with reality and every time he does, he is found sitting on the rocking chair. His uncle, Arne Johnson, was her sister’s fiancée who lived with them to supposedly alleviate the depression that David seemed to have.

Things didn’t work out well for everyone—in fact, circumstances got even worse than before. Scratches were seen on David’s body and his nightmares occurred more frequently and more intensively. Eventually, this beast started to visit him even outside his nightmares but also when he was wide awake. The boy started having seizures at night and woke up every 30 minutes. His family started to get help from known paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine, and they brought with them priests to perform the exorcism. During the said exorcism, all the people in the room witnessed the rocking chair levitate while David was sitting on it.

The exorcism was a success—or so they believed. It seemed like the demon that possessed David entered Arne. He started to experience the same things David went through. It resulted in him stabbing his landlord multiple times with a five-inch pocket knife. The landlord died a few hours in the hospital. He was captured by the police while he was on the run, approximately two miles away from the murder scene. This was the first time in American legal history, demonic possession was used as a reason for murder. This was however dismissed by the judge and Arne was imprisoned for five years even though he had 10-20 years of sentence. The rocking chair was kept by the family but more and more personal accounts said that the chair brought bad luck to those who sat or even went near it. It is now located at The Haunted Museum where it is housed for public viewing.

After knowing a whole lot about cursed objects that exist in our time, as years go by, we would expect to hear more of these stories from different people of various backgrounds. There is just really more to know about these things—and it is up to us, to believe them or not. To supplement these interestingly horrifying stories, you should check out Monique Gliozzi’s latest work entitled Vestige. Her new novel is all about a child psychologist from New York who happens to have experienced a visit from an old patient. From that day forward, nothing was normal about his life anymore.


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