Spooky Alaska’s Most Spine-Chilling Spots 

Ranging from mysterious landmarks to eerie streets, Alaska has all of that to offer to all of you horror fans out there. This state on the northwest-most area of America’s West Coast is an absolute eye candy for dauntless individuals who wish to have a chilling experience. Finding these places is easy but exploring them is one tough task to overcome. It is said that hauntings have become so common that the locals have grown accustomed to them as every place has its own bizarre setting. With that being the case, it is no shocker that Alaska is dared to be visited by the most rock-ribbed–are you one of them?

Haunted School – Anchorage’s West High School

This particular high school on the south bluff overlooking Westchester Lagoon is said to have various horrifying events going around the campus. It mainly happens at the auditorium of the said school where a lady in white continues to haunt for decades. Even alumni of the school could attest that there was something undeniably creepy going on as they have seen the presence of the lady ghost. Different accounts by students, teachers, and faculty also show that there is a wandering ghost of a dead janitor on the hallways. These weird encounters of lonely ghosts still keep the students terrified of this old school. 

Haunted Street – Badarka Road

It is in the South Birchwood, Chugiak woods that Badarka road is situated. When speaking of scary tales, there’s also one very tragic event that occurred in this area that the locals are familiar with. It is the axe accident about a five-year old accidentally stabbing herself in the head after trying to help out her father without his supervision. Upon seeing his dead child, he had lost track of what to do and just cradled her corpse. The father also died caused by hypothermia. At around 3 AM, people who drive along the road may see a man with a child in his arms asking for help.

Haunted Hotel – Golden North Hotel

The story of this one centers on a couple who’s about to get married until the soon-to-be husband has to join in a gold expedition. Being in room 23 on the third floor, the lady in her wedding dress waited for her partner to arrive, but he never returned. Still persistently waiting for her man, she never went outside the room which led to the hotel owners being concerned about her wellbeing. They found her dead body and said she might have died due to pneumonia. In present times, guests feel her presence as her ghost was said to be staring at them while in bed. Most probably reassuring herself that her husband-to-be was not in somebody else’s bed. 

Haunted Orphanage – Old Jesse Lee Home for Children

Located in Seward, this aged orphanage was built in 1926 as a lovely home for children without families to take care of them. Due to an earthquake that occurred in 1964, several children became casualties after the disaster that occurred. Although it had a massive impact, the building continues to stand; however, still unsafe as the walls that were left, are on the verge of collapsing. Those who have visited the place heard giggles and sounds of children playing. From outside, children-like figures are seen at the windows which are believed to be ghosts of the dead orphans.

Haunted Historical Place – Kennecott Copper Mines

As this place holds a historical relevance, it is no longer surprising to be hearing a lot of ghost encounters in this location. This part of Alaska is considered as the place of high number of paranormal activities. Even state officials already meddled in the issue as it became worrisome that multiple complaints have been declared. Ascribable to capitalist invasion through means of developing a mining site and railroad construction, a lot of lives were affected. During the construction, exploitative measures were imposed on the workers causing a lot of them to have died. A number of tombstones can be seen as evidence of the history of such a place. In the late 1990s, when the local government decided to establish a housing tract, construction workers heard wails of the dead miners as well as disembodied voices of children. 

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Two Makes It Better

Two Makes It Better

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