THE Hurdle in Humor

A number of stand-up and situation comedians have manifested the difficulty in amusing their audience with laughter through their craft. Appealing to the emotions of one’s audience through drama, mystery, and action is relatively uncomplicated when compared to comedic content. American comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld mentioned that “comedy is nothing to joke about,” and this speaks volumes of the intricateness of capturing the interest of people in this genre. While we think that this might have something to do with the nature of comedy; however, as complex as how to create humorous ideas, the same goes to simplifying and decoding what comedy is.

If we cannot explain a thought by rational means, we often try to contextualize this idea and have it described according to the circumstances. Culture, race, age, gender, and sexual orientation are just a few of the social factors that play a major role in what people associate funny with. Humor is basically tied with our disposition in life and this is the root of a comedy content writer’s challenge. Other than that, generations have their own definition of entertainment as it aligns with the kind of lifestyle and beliefs that they have. To make things easier, there is a set target audience that a writer has in mind in order to gain more engagement from the public. Apart from deciding on a definite group of people, there is also the struggle in making one’s work new, refreshing, and original. This feature of being original is crucial because recycling schemes from others is already a potential knock-down of your goal. Another element to consider is the sensitivity of your work. Given that humor comes in various layers and different forms, the right mixture is critical as it determines how your audience will accept and react to your composition. To get a fix on the blend of what is too much or too less—is up to the writer to discover.

For a writer or an artist, investing time to observe and learn the art of comedy is only apt in these trying times where we are surrounded by despair and anxiety. Humorous material would give their audience some sense of calmness and bliss as a means to cope up with the situation we are all in. Writers would be able to impart their composition at the same time, help out in alleviating the stress and worry of people. This is exactly what Monique Gliozzi did, as she recently released her short story collection entitled Diversity. The title itself speaks about the content of how Gliozzi tried fitting various genres in her new book. Most importantly, it includes comic short stories like “A Peculiar Refreshment” and “Champagne Cocktail”. It is truly enticing to get a read of this collection—from being known for her thriller and mystery books, Monique ventured in incorporating comedy in her stories.


Two Makes It Better

Two Makes It Better

One can only imagine how exciting it is to be born with a twin—a literal partner since birth and whom you will share a birthday and possibly a room among other things, and even a face. Identical twins would have to live their lives living with someone who looks exactly as them. Identities of the two could be easily mixed up by people outside of the family—and that is something they should learn to live with. Something as petty as getting the blame of the other and being held responsible for a twin’s actions is just one of the challenges. However, it is not as burdensome as sounds to be; in fact, it is rather a bonus double of everything! Double the fun, double the treat, and double the love.

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