The Spooky South of America’s Most Spine-Chilling Spots

There’s one thing we miss for sure in these times when we’re all requested to stay at home and to go out as seldom as possible—to visit places and go on vacations! Instead of browsing for places near the beach or the countryside, this is the time to discover this unconventional way of keeping ourselves amused while we are in the comfort of our own homes. If you’re the type to want to spend these trips alone, for sure you’d rather choose not to when you see these spook-tacular whereabouts in South America that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Top FIVE Most Eerie Places in South America

Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina

This destination in the capital city and chief port of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is known for being the final resting place of the country’s most notable people. It is occupied with graves ranging from mausoleums to old crucifixes—and this is the reason why it has gained traction from people all across the country. Rumor has it that there was once a girl buried alive in the said cemetery and this has then boosted the interests of the people. This is the story of a socialite named Rufina Cambaceres who was unknowingly buried alive. It was only after a worker discovered her the lid of her coffin broken and scratches were found covering the insides. Rufina tried to break out but failed to do so and suffocated until she died.

The Vampire of Pisco in Peru

Known for being the source of brandy produced in the area of Peru, Pisco is the province best acknowledged for the winemaking industry due to its rich and vast vineyards. Pisco, which is a Quechua word for bird, is also visited for the Paracas National Reserve as a conservation area for its diverse bird species and marine animals. True to its name of being the “national spirit” is a creepy tale of a vampire. An English woman Sarah Ellen Roberts was accused of being a witch, murderer, and Dracula’s wife. After her death in 1913, the locals believe she took vengeance of her unjust death through the earthquake in 2007. It was only her grave that remained undamaged.

The Dream Beach in Brazil

It is in the Southeast region of Brazil where the largest city in the South is found. Sao Paulo is rich in the exquisite cuisine and art it holds. Apart from this, it is known for its mysterious beach called the Dream Beach. It is considered as a vacation spot great for unwinding but with the stories circulating around the area, one would have second thoughts. Visitors would see a pair of ghost-like figures along the shore or rising out of the water. This seems to be connected to the tragic death of a couple at the beach. The maintenance of the resort also mentioned how their screeching and yelling from afar even when there are no visitors and the beach is closed. 

Abandoned Ghost Town in Chile

Back in 1872, the Atacama Desert in Chile used to be resided by more than 3,000 residents. It is now regarded as the driest desert in the world. The land is rich Saltpeter or white gold, and this was taken advantage of by the residents for livelihood as it was of high demand in the European market. The town’s name was Humberstone and was once a home to the people. When advanced and more efficient synthetic materials were introduced in the market, there was a massive decline in the need for the potassium nitrate. The people suffered from lack of income and soon after decided to leave, making Humberstone a ghost town since the 1960s. Paranormal occurrences are encountered by the visitors and they are convinced lost souls still wander in the area.span>

Silva House of Poetry in Colombia

The story centers on a little house that was the cozy home of a prominent poet named Jose Asuncion Silva. He died in the same house he lived for the entirety of his life. This is where he wrote his most famous works that people all across Colombia loved. Silva died from suicide as he took his life by shooting his chest, directly to his heart. There are a number of reasons that are thought to be what caused such an incident. Before his death, his sister had also died and he lost all of his poems after a ship filled with them sank. It was said that during those trying times, Silva was in a lot of debt. People who had visited his home felt the same overwhelming depressing feeling, as if Silva’s ghost is causing this sudden burst of melancholy. It is like taking a glimpse of the tragic ending of an unfortunate poet’s life.
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