Most often than not, we associate the feeling of love with the existence of the immaterial soul. This emotion is just one of the few that a human person is capable of having. However, it remains to be an obscure belief as there are physicalists who dispute the existence of this metaphysical entity. Regardless of which side you are, we all can agree that this functioning physical body we have can do all sorts of majestic things that no ordinary physical object can—we are able to think, reason, touch, interact, feel, and fall in love.

We are very compelled to share love with others that it is starting to become an absurd measure of self-fulfillment. One can argue that this is part of human nature, but there are some who are unwilling players of such game—and this “nature” is rather imposed. While some are prisoners of the society-imposed idea of love, there are those who are lucky enough to have reinvented their own fate—or so they believe. We might start to think that love is boundless when you have overcome the struggle of finding what feels right for you. However, if we agree on the fact that we are bodies with the ability to love; then this vessel will eventually perish—and love may only just end there as well. Spending a lifetime with someone may sound like the most challenging part of loving, but what about the beyond? Now let us assume there is a soul, as we are conscious beings after all; but as to satisfying all the aspects of the nature of a person without a body—seems quite impossible. Unsure of what could be beyond our mortal bodies, we can never really say we can spend the rest of eternity with our loved one as spirits. We may still be able to think and feel but interacting is uncertain; in fact, we do not know how to explain space and time of a mere consciousness as even now, we cannot pinpoint the location of our souls. Unfortunate love stories can be about failed relationships or worse—can be about lovers meeting with tragedy. Tragedy can be subjective but, in this case, it is the passing away of one or both that can be the greatest torment of a loving couple. To embrace the inevitability of death of a partner can be gradual, but as to accepting the time of when it is coming in both your ways is another story.

Monique Gliozzi’s The El Caballo Inn short story will bring the same kind of conversation piece for anyone who loves, wants to love, and be loved by someone. The way Gliozzi portrays the characters in her stories makes her audience read more of her works. The El Caballo Inn is only one of the twenty-four (24) short stories in her new release entitled Diversity. Gliozzi, being known for her mystery and thriller books, discovered the romantic and comedic side of her writing—add that with her mastery in the suspense genre she is known for, Diversity was made possible.  Nothing is better than immersing oneself in a reading that has all of our emotions wrapped up in one single book.


Leap of Faith: Taking on New Ventures

Leap of Faith: Taking on New Ventures

Every writer’s aspiration lies in their willingness to grow and step out of their comfort zone—and this is exactly what Monique Gliozzi had grasped in her new work. In her newest release, she gave us a collection of short stories entitled Diversity. She gave us pieces of her previous works and incorporated them in these full-packaged short pieces of writing.

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