Top FIVE Creepiest in The World: Loneliest Lighthouses Edition

Since time immemorial, lighthouses have served its function that is mainly for navigation which is essential for seafarers and travelers. Pharos, the first known lighthouse in history, was built around 300 to 280 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt. It was acknowledged as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; until it was destroyed in the 1300s for various reasons.

In modern times, the use of lighthouses is still observed although not all of them are needed anymore. However, as modern electronic aids were already introduced, innovations of such technology had made things more efficient. Lighthouses today no longer bear keepers unlike the traditional ones. Boston Light was the last officially manned lighthouse. A lot of people have associated lighthouses with ideas that are eerie. In the 19th century, many cases of suicide of lighthouse keepers are regarded to be due to madness from solitude.       

Most of the world’s still existing lighthouses are either abandoned or little to no longer of use—and hold stories that would leave us shrieking in our seats. Here are some of the most not-so-warming light-houses that are worth checking out:

Top Five Most Chilling Abandoned Lighthouses   

1. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida

As it still serves its function today for coastal navigation, this lighthouse in St. Augustine in Florida has existed for over 146 years. It is believed by the locals to be haunted with the ghosts of those who died there. With 219 steps, the first death observed was that of the original caretaker Joseph Andreu who was painting at the time when he fell down. His body was only discovered at the bottom, and the cause of such a tragedy is still unknown. Aside from the smell of cigar that visitors notice that is assumed to be of the late Andreu, sounds of laughter were also heard that can be related to the two girls who drowned to death.

2. Kiipsaare Lighthouse in Estonia

The Republic of Estonia is located at the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. It is surrounded by bodies of water, bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland. The Kiipsaare Lighthouse is located on the tip of the Harilaid Peninsula in Saaremaa. Due to destructive waves and drastic changes in the shoreline, the lighthouse lacked the support it needed to stand upright. As it became more tilted through the course of time, it gained the name Pisa Tower of Saaremaa. It no longer operated as a navigational aid from 1992 to 2009. It stopped being in working order, and eventually had been left idle.

3. Tevennec Lighthouse in France

Although not anymore a manned lighthouse, the Tevennec lighthouse is operational up to this time. It is located on the Raz de Sein strait that is known to have the most turbulent waves making it dangerous for ships. In spite of its usefulness, there is an absolutely creepy tale that the locals have. Rumor has it that the first keeper of this 141-year old lighthouse went insane during his stay. Each one who followed never considered to live there, afraid of having the same fate as the former lighthouse keeper.

4. St. Simons Lighthouse in Georgia

Serving as the barrier island of St. Simons in Glynn County, Georgia, St. Simons Island or The Island has been known for its top tier beaches. Another attraction found in The Island is the St. Simons Light—lighthouse on the southern tip of the area. The 129-step spiral staircase building carries with it a dark spiel about hearing noises of treading, that are suspected to have been made by a dead man’s ghost. It was the head lighthouse keeper who was a victim of killing. He died due to a fatal gunshot done by his assistant after having an intense argument.

5. Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in Australia

With such a beautiful ocean view, the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse is precisely on the best spot in the entire island. Cape Naturaliste is on the western edge of the Geographe Bay in the southwestern region of West Australia. It is a relatively easy climb for it only takes 59 steps to reach the top of the tower. While it is one of the beauties of Australia, behind the scene is a horrifying history. It is said to be haunted by a spirit of a woman who they named Bloody Mary. Her ghost was figured to be the one responsible for pushing and throwing objects at visitors.


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