two Makes it better

One can only imagine how exciting it is to be born with a twin—a literal partner since birth and whom you will share a birthday and possibly a room among other things, and even a face. Identical twins would have to live their lives living with someone who looks exactly as them. Identities of the two could be easily mixed up by people outside of the family—and that is something they should learn to live with. Something as petty as getting the blame of the other and being held responsible for a twin’s actions is just one of the challenges. However, it is not as burdensome as sounds to be; in fact, it is rather a bonus double of everything! Double the fun, double the treat, and double the love.

    A bunch of real-life narratives have been shared online—while some can be very humorous, shared stories that are rather unfortunate, there are also a number that are indeed heartwarming. While not everyone has the chance to experience this, it would be to one’s liking to try to get a glimpse of what it could be like to have a twin. This interesting sibling relationship has become a good source of writing prompts for many authors. Given the wide array of possible spins to carry out a plot starring twins makes it esteemed by writers. More often than not, this theme has also been widely used in contents that have a suspense or horror genre to them. And because this has been deemed as a common storyline, writers who aspire to be distinct from a million of writers out there have to face the challenge to make their work appealing to their target audience. The number of layers of perspectives this certain concept offers a writing opportunity to initiate one’s own unique writing style and approach. The thrill of having a twin despite having none, can be felt through immersing oneself in a worthwhile read.

    This is exactly the track that writer of Foresight and Hunted, Monique Gliozzi, has taken. In the mentioned novels, she weaved the idea of twins into her writing making the suspense and thriller books well-loved by many. Apart from that, in her latest published work, a short story collection entitled Diversity—she has also incorporated such a theme. Trying to discover different aspects of her passion in writing, she was able to show that having this kind of story concept can be made into somewhat a touching and meaningful one. Filled with a whole lot more scenarios, ideas, and truths—Diversity is truly a book worth checking out!


Finding Humanity in Humans

Finding Humanity in Humans

It has been almost a year since national governments all over the world declared the lockdown of their countries; due to the threat brought by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) disease that struck the entire world population. Social activities have been restricted ever since which made an impact on the social relations of people; and in consequence, putting everyone’s psychological health at risk. It is in the nature of living organisms to adapt to biotic and abiotic factors—and humans are not an exception. Months of isolation, lockdowns, and quarantining have paved the way for the implementation of policies in order to establish order for preemptive measures. While these adjustments of society have alleviated the symptoms of this pandemic crisis—people, as social beings, have yet to fully adopt the new set of habits and lifestyle that they have created.

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